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Thread: Choosing between a balanced set of gems?

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    Choosing between a balanced set of gems?

    I'm currently rocking 13 expertise in my default tanking set. Most of the gemming is 8 def/12 stam, with a few 24 stamina gems throw in for some socket bonuses/meta.

    Sitting at 543 defense rating (shield isn't enchanted yet), and I'm debating replacing 4 of the 8 def/12 stamina gems in for expertise/stamina, mainly because of the red sockets. Would losing the extra avoidance/mitigation of 32 defense rating be a worthy trade off for 32 expertise? Thoughts?

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    Expertise is still technically an avoidance stat. The thing is, you don't really "need" anything as far as survivability and threat, aside from stamina for a few select fights.

    Personally, I gem for stamina in all sockets still.

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    I would use expertise/stamina in any red socket. As long as you are at a point where tanking is not like playing Russian roulette.

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