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Thread: Gear/Spec

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    Hey all, first time posting, long time tanking.

    I wanted to know if there was any way to optimize my spec further. I have no trouble holding aggro in single/dual target tanking, and only slight trouble with AoE tanking. That, however, may be the failing of the DPS that I run with. ^_^

    Feel free to comment on my gear/gems/enchants as well, though I'm still gearing up slowly. I really need new shoulders(T7 most likely), and new bracers(OK or 10 man Naxx).

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    Go with a 15/5/51 spec and it should help with AOE threat through deep wounds and vigilance on an AOE DPS. Also, look to increase your block rating and value as that will increase the amount of damage you do through damage shield. Hit thunderclap, cleave, and shockwave as much as you can. Press V in the default UI to show nameplates for mobs, and watch for any that say "Losing Threat".

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