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Thread: Confused Titan Gripper.

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    Confused Titan Gripper.

    Hi, I'm Kror and I was a happy fury DPSer. As of late though, I have been competing with everybody and their mother for gear. It seems everyone has switched to fury. Also, our server seems to be running low with tanks (at least competent tanks). I've always wanted to tank but I do not know where to start gear-wise. I was thinking about getting the BS Warrior Tank gear to start, but what should I do to progress it? What should I socket and enchant? I really have no clue. If I could get some percentages that I am looking for in certain numbers, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

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    There are at least two threads that I know of stickied in the gear forum. Both feature a comprehensive list of Pre-Raid gear for tanking and where it drops. I'd go check that out if I were you.

    Your goal is a 540 Defense Skill rating and 21k Health Unbuffed to start though.
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    As a small example on the tank side for DK's. Gearing for 10 mans isn't all that hard. Hit your heroics and get your badges. There is an excellent neck and waist item there, besides your T7 hand and chest.

    I currently stand at 541 defense around 20% parry and 20% dodge unbuffed. My hit rating is 306, and only my expertise is still weak at 6. In frost presence I have 25k health and 25k armor unbuffed.

    I believe I am sporting about 7 epics atm, but my trinkets are still weak one being the 26 def trinket from HFP the other just adds hit.

    I am currently OT'ing 10/25's

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