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Thread: I want to wear Essence of Gossamer

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    I want to wear Essence of Gossamer

    This is the current setup:

    chardev.org v4 - A World of Warcraft character planner - template #108281

    As you can see im right at 540 def and having to use a defense trinket. I was wondering on what suggestions you guys had that would allow me to wear goss again but still maintain mitigation/threat/stam levels. is it honestly worth it?

    I am currently only able to acquire 10man loot. So that is also why I may be limited to a defense trinket.

    Thanks for the help

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    I would probably start socketing defense/stamina in all yellow sockets, I'm in 25 man gear and I am still more comfortable always putting that type of gem in a yellow socket. The only other option I see is replacing that Keystone Great Ring. There's a nice ring out of ten man Naxxramas called the Deflection Band with 28 defense on it, in addition to the badge ring with 56 defense on it.

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    Essence is 111 stam
    It would take about 4.5 stam gems to get you that
    Same gems as def would give you about 74 defense.

    Just figure the tradeoffs based on that

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    chardev.org v4 - A World of Warcraft character planner - template #109923

    new gear set---seems overall better

    540 def
    26.53 dodge
    20.22 parry
    17.97 block

    30761 hp
    23514 armor
    541 def
    26.16 dodge
    20.91 parry
    16.48 block

    -710 armor
    +.32 avoidance
    -1.49 block

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    Only thing I can see wrong with your Gear listed is that you have 4 separate profession only items or enchants on them.

    You cant have ring enchants unless you are an enchanter.
    You cant have Fur lining on your gloves unless you are a leatherworker.
    You cant have The Monarch Crab unless you are a Jewelcrafter.
    You cant have the 52 dodge + 15 Def shoulder enchant unless you are a Inscriptor.

    Id say that the best 2 profession to go with to keep most of your gear would be to go Enchanter and Jewelcrafter. this way you can get the trinket and ring enchants plus you could socket with Dragon eye JC only gems.

    There is a new bracers enchant coming out in 3.0.8 which does 40 Stam so its not a huge loss.
    For the Shoulders just get the Sons of Hodir upto Exalted and get their shoulder enchant. Loss of 32 Dodge
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