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Thread: Prot DPS stat priority

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    Prot DPS stat priority

    After reading Ciderhelms recent news thread on spec (tried it out and did indeed see a large jump in DPS) I now find myself wondering...

    Once I have the whole 'live through the fight' thing down solid and I want to make sure I'm contributing my maximum damage on boss possible, what stats will serve me best? I know from my experience both as a tank and playing my warlock that maximizing the number of attacks that land is primary. But where do I go after that? Do I load up on every SBV piece I can get my hands on or would stuffing every spare location with enough strength to bench press the Titanic be a better route? Does having impale and Deep Wounds mean that I should break out into a rousing rendition of crit chance uber alles? Or worst of all is the great drawback to prot dps that it's all talent based and my gear choices will have little effect on my actual DPS without going to absurd extremes.
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    First thing you should do once you are comfortable with your defensive stats, is start swapping your red sockets for Guardian's Twilight Opal - Item - World of Warcraft. The added expertise will not only give you extra damage output, but also increase your survivability due to the parry reduction. Hit should come as a result of natural gear progression, but always try to stay above 200 I would say. I wouldn't focus on gearing for strength, block value, or block rating. I would reserve that for a trash tanking set. Also, think about going with the spec Ciderhelm has posted on the front page, it does wonders.

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