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Thread: Trying to compare stuff with upcoming 3.0.8

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    Trying to compare stuff with upcoming 3.0.8

    Because I would like to compare some calculations / mechanics of the present live patch with the upcomming 3.0.8 patch I still miss information to achieve this.

    I would like to have the formula or calculation method for feral druid tanks armor and mitigation in dire bear at level 80 in the present version on the live servers and in addition to this I would like to have the formula as it will be used in the 3.0.8 patch so I can start calculating and comparing both results with eachother. I don't seem to be able to find that information anywhere.

    Thank you.

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    you may want to jump over to EJ and do some searches for that

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    Not sure on formulas - I've been too lazy to min/max, because the content is easy. But the basic sense I have:

    - trinkets, rings & necks from naxx with armor are still good - just not so insanely good that you must get them at all costs. Trinkets with dodge/stam/agility are going to be as competitive as the defenders code, depending on the fight.
    - the 2Hs with armor are still the best mitigation staffs in game
    - unless you're already geared with the best bear gear in game, the armor change should be a buff, not a nerf.
    - getting armor from leather will generally be more of a priority than it used to be

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    Stearns pretty much said all you need to know. The best in slot still are armor accessories but now you won't live or die if you don't get that one drop.

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    Im not sure on formulas either, but I honestly am going to move onto gear without armor stats. The neck and ring slots specifically I want more stamina and threat focused, I am hopeful that the nerf will not destroy bears, but actually help in threat generation with more incoming rage. I just have to hope that survivability is still good, and I can maintain a good balance of threat and survival.
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    Threat should be the least of your worries.

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    As far as formulas go, Bear form, thick hide, etc will no longer effect armor from trinks, rings, necks, etc. So, for example, Offering of sacrifice is no longer going to be ~3000 armor, it will be 550 armor.

    Base armor on cloaks will be multiplied, but not the bonus armor. So that cloak with 500 armor, like 150 of it will be multiplied and the bonus armor (the added armor that makes the armor number green) will be added to the top, no multiplier

    The new multiplier for leather and cloth gear's base armor will be x8.5822. That accounts for x4.7 from bear form, x1.66 from the added talent, x1.1 from Thick Hide.

    It is also correct that except for VERY well geared druids, this is a slight buff, not a nerf. And for those VERY well geared druids, they most likely read this site/EJ/etc and knew this change was coming and should have planned accordingly.

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