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Thread: Just Me or Do I Have a TPS Problem.

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    Just Me or Do I Have a TPS Problem.

    Hey guys,

    Current stats are (all ub):

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    26511k HP
    24375 armor
    2807 ap
    540 def
    23.03% dodge
    18.91% parry (28.91% in combat)
    216 hit
    21 expertise

    My single target rotation is

    IT > PS > BS > BS > OB. Then OB/FS when its ready. Refresh diseases when needed. Runestrike macroed to everything.

    Finding I have to Blood Tap to continue without waiting for runes to return.
    In heroics my TPS ranges from 2k - 3, 3.5-4k if i crit a few times.

    In raids seems to be the same, real struggle to keep ahead of the dps sometimes. AOE threat is fine.

    Am I doing something wrong, gimped my spec somehow?

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    Unfortunately this is a problem that a lot of DK's are having once dps are fully decked out in 25 naxx+ gear. Our spikey threat and randomness of RS on certain bosses really hurts our tps. I understand that +6% str and sta is nice, however at the gear levels that are only attainable right now i would suggest designing a build 3/3 guile of gorefiend, 5/5 tundra stalker, 5/5 botn and would suggest asking a shaman to drop WF so you can spec out of Imp Icy Talons.

    In my frost build (currently in unholy) i made the adjustment out of imp icy talons once after my first week in 25s and saw a nice increase in my tps.

    *edit* 2/2 epidemic may not seem like much as well... however this will give you 4 extra GCDs before you have to renew diseases and would be a huge increase to single target threat

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    A couple of things:

    1. Does your raid carry a prot Pally? If not, then your threat is going to start out gimped. BoSanc is THE best tank buff in the game right now. With a frost build I able to spam RS and FS on demand for most boss fights when I spec frost. If you dont carry it, your TPS will lag behind your DPS, plain and simple.

    2. I would pick up Subversion for the added DPS to BS and OB

    3. I would have never thought this, but it looks like (I dont have the math to back this up, saw it on EJ) but specing into Morbity even as frost will help on Single target due to DnD being our best TPS spell at current gear lvls. If you figure out how much a normal OB and BS hit for, it has to over come something like 12K Dam to out threat just one DnD. IDK about you, but mine dont do that yet. Im still trying to get into a habit of dropping DnD on CD. DnD is a constant 600 ish (2.8K AP) when its up.
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    DnD does a ton of threat as unholy. Alot of people dont use it unless there is 3+ mobs, but i'm not sure why. A quick example on your DnD Ray it does (600*1.9*2.07*10) 23.5k threat and thats not counting any crits. It also frees up some time to do death coils etc if you got the extra runepower.

    Personaly i use it always if there is 2 or more mobs, but mine dont hit for 600 a tick. Think it's usually around 450+ witch make it about the same threat i get from a scourge stike and a death strike.

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    Trust me you're not the only one having TPS issues. At this point in time as it was mentioned before we are very spikey and at times we do go from 1k-6k. Unfortunately we just can't sustain that high tps like warriors,druids and pallies. I've tried every spec, every rotation and it still ends up about the same. Honestly go with what you have fun with. And we can all hope Blizzard notices the issues and fixes somethings.

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