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Thread: Gear Check MT 10 Man Naxx

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    Gear Check MT 10 Man Naxx

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    yeah, I've been working my butt off since the release of WOTLK and my guilds going to start 10 man Naxx soon, I'm wondering what things I should do to improve myself, and if I'm ready for it, haven't bothered looking up standards till recent and wanted to see how I'm doing.

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    Grats, You are overgeared to MT 10man naxx.

    however, any gear you get in 10man naxx, is going to leave you undergeared.

    as you have SO many peices that have the highest possible defense on them....

    Go get your H. Utgarde Pinnacle Weapon, and your H. Violet Hold pants.

    Get defense to back, and Defense gems in the new pants, and you might leave yourself some wiggle room to actually be able to use the new peices your going to collect.

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    You should be able to MT Naxxramas. You have plenty of upgrades to go get in Heroics and Naxx10, so there's stuff to keep you busy in the meanwhile, too.

    TomBrokeOff has some good suggestions - also you should work on your Sons of Hodir rep for the shoulder enchant.

    If I were you, I would seriously consider a respec, though. Incite is a very good talent you're missing - you should also think about Impale and Deep Wounds.

    As a main tank in a 10 man, your DPS is important - it will contribute a lot to a smaller group. Have a read over some of Ciderhelm's recent posts on the subject. However, don't sacrifice your survivability too much at this stage of gearing up.
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