Firstly I wouldlike to thank anyone in advance for help. In all the years I have played wow i have never posted my armory link asking for helping but I really am struggling to find a answer.

I'm really new to the melee scence espically when it comes to tanking. I have always played a healer until now.

I've been MT and OT in naxx 10 and have run plenty of heroics but have started to lose threat quite a bit recently.(Maybe due to my guild starting to get gear on par with mine) I think this could be to do with my hit rating taking a nose dive after some epic upgrades I have got recently.

My gear is not the best by a long shot and I know there are some obvious upgrades I need (2handed BS mace and t7 gloves with threat enchant) these are a couple of days away atm. and most of my gems are taken up by defence gems. so dont know where to turn can anyone give me some advice what i am doing wrong.

ps rotation im using is IT PS Pes HB rune dump BB ob/hb and just try to kep dos up and use bb with any blood runes that i have spare. my tps is anywhere between 2-3k on mobs might get it up to 3.5k. but i heard i should be getting 4k+

losing threat is like a bad sexual experience embrassing....

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