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Thread: Ley-Guardian's Legguards vs Special Issue Leg

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    Ley-Guardian's Legguards vs Special Issue Leg

    I am completely baffled as to why it seems like some of my stats are worse with the Ley-Guardian's when it seems like they should be better.

    The Ley-Guardian's Legguards:
    Legs - Plate
    1895 Armor
    +45 Strength
    +117 Stamina
    Yellow Socket (I put in a +8 defense +12 stamina gem)
    Socket Bonus +6 Stamina
    Equip increases defense by 77
    Equip improves hit rating by 40
    I enchanted with +55 stamina and +22 agility

    The Special Issue Legplates:
    Legs - Plate
    1831 Armor
    +30 Strength
    +102 Stamina
    Red Socket (I put in a +8 dodge +12 stamina gem)
    Socket Bonus +4 Strength
    Equip increases defense by 69
    Equip increases hit by 46
    I enchanted with +55 stamina and +22 agility

    If I am not crazy that means the Ley-Guardian's have +190 stamina while the Special Issue's only have +169 stamina.......

    but in-game when the only thing I change are my leggings I have 1779 stamina when wearing the Special Issue Legs (26k life) but drop down to 1767 stamina when I put on the Ley-Guardian Legs (25.9k life).

    How is it possible for my stamina/life to go down when I put on legs that SHOULD provide 21 MORE stamina? Is it something to do with being revered with the faction? Is it a bug? or am I just crazy?

    EDIT: Another oddity, apparently I ALSO lose 393 armor when I wear the Ley-Guardian's despite the fact that they should have 64 more armor. What the heck?

    EDIT2: Further research of the issue found the cause *sheepish look* my Austere Earthsiege Diamond in the meta socket of my helm was not being used when I switch my legs because it is then missing the required red gem thus losing the 2% more armor and +32 Stamina of that gem. That accounts for all the things I was seeing

    Sorry for the post but perhaps it will help avoid confusion for someone else in the future that might experience a similar issue.
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    The first thing I thought of was a meta problem, then when I read the armor I knew it. Glad to see you found out what was wrong.

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