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Thread: Rate My Setup - Naxx-25 Progression OT

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    Rate My Setup - Naxx-25 Progression OT

    I feel pretty good about my setup, but I'd love to have some other people look me over. Any feedback is welcome.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I off-tank for a guild that has finished all the 25-man stuff and is working on some of the hard-mode achievements.

    I've thought about moving around some talent points: I'd like to try putting points in deep wounds, I'd drop cruelty for it. I like vigilance, I think it's worth the 1 point, but if I dropped it I'd put 1 in deep wounds or cruelty.

    I feel pretty defense starved. I'm still doing Naxx-10 for the Repelling Charge. If I get it, I'll replace Lavinthor's with it and replace some of my defense enchants for EH enchants.

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    you are definetly on the right track, tbh I can't make a single recommendation, on spec, or gear.

    except maybe....and it shows you need it...but ummm....get more...expertise?!

    but yeah...good job...

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    I can't see too much wrong with that. I assume you have the BS sockets and the belt - doesn't show on Armory - and that you're working on your Sons rep? Otherwise I have no comments.
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