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Thread: Gear/Gem Questions

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    Gear/Gem Questions

    Hey all,

    Totally unsure if this is the right forum for this but it did say theory so here goes:

    What is the best gem set up for warriors right now? I think I'll probably go
    Sovereign (str/stam)
    Enduring (def/stam)
    Solid (stam/stam/stam/stam!)
    I'm also a JC and will probably use my prismatic gems (41 stam) in sockets other than blue ones so I can stack some stam and still get socket bonuses. But if a prismatic is not available those are my choices.

    The reason I ask is because right now my health seems rather low compared to other tanking classes. I think some of it has to do that I'm not using stam trinkets although I have them. What do people think. Check the armor and let me know if you think one of the trinket should be replaced by the AN trinket or the JC trinket. Just trying to figure out a way to get up into the 27-30k unbuffed range. Is it just gear level or should I change the way I'm gemming and gearing right now?

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    I'm just mindlessly gemming stamina atm, to get my 30k hp unbuffed for 3 drakes.

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    For the Red/Yellow slots, it really depends on what the bonus is. You need to ask yourself on a piece-by-piece basis if the combination of (Def or Str) and the bonus is worth the loss of the Sta from not dropping another Solid in the slot.

    At the moment, your armory shows you with a bunch of "Winter Garb" instead of your regular gear, but the three socketed pieces you are currently wearing, the decision to go Orange/Green was reasonably sound as the bonus in each case is +6 Stamina, making the STA loss fairly small (6 instead of 12). If, on the other hand, you were going to get a few points of Parry it really wouldn't be worth it.

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