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Thread: Horn-Tipped Gauntlets vs. T7 Gloves for TPS

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    Horn-Tipped Gauntlets vs. T7 Gloves for TPS

    Horn-Tipped Gauntlets


    Heroes' Dreadnaught Handguards

    I'm throwing together a maximum TPS set and I wanted to get opinions on this. I know the Horn-Tipped Gauntlets are a better TPS piece by themselves and I would socket(I'm a blacksmith) for threat and throw armsman on it. The issue I'm facing is removing my T7 gloves nullifies my 2pc set bonus on my threat set, which in theory scales awesomely with increased BV and threat stats. My heroes' gloves are currently gemmed/enchanted for survival b/c they are the best I've come accross so far.

    Should I keep the 2pc set bonus for 10% extra on SS or should I just pimp out the Horn-Tipped for threat? Thx in advance!

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    Switch out the gloves once you get another piece of T7 gear. Problem solved.

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