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Thread: Greaves of Ancient Evil V.S Tempered Titansteel Th

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    Greaves of Ancient Evil V.S Tempered Titansteel Th

    Just got Greaves of Ancient Evil
    Is it viable to replace my Tempered Titansteel Threads with my current gear setup?

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    It's all based on what your gear requires. You have to balance your gear so if you need dodge then shoot for the Greaves of Ancient Evil, but if you lack stamina then equip the Tempered Titansteel Threads.
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    Tempered Titansteel Treads are garbage. Period. Greaves of Ancient Evil are far superior until you can get into a 10 man Naxx to pick up one of MANY worthwhile plate boot drops.

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    Ya, it all comes down to:

    19 Strength
    7 Defense Rating
    33 Dodge Rating


    33 Stamina
    52 Armor

    Clearly, the Tempered Titansteel Treads, like the helm is getting, need a bit of a buff to get them in line with similar level epic quality items. It's even worse when you check out this comparion: Item Comparison Tool - World of Warcraft

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