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Thread: Gear Ranking Guides made easy?

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    Gear Ranking Guides made easy?

    I've recently discovered WoWhead's weight scale and combined it with their filter and found an easy way to make my own gear ranking list.

    I decided to plug in some numbers for a balanced tanking set which put emphasis on both extending TTL and increasing DPS/threat.

    I based it off of this general formula: 1 defense > 1 expertise > 1 str/dodge/hit > 1 block rating > 1 sta/agi > 1 parry > 1 block value > melee DPS stats.

    Here's what the page brings up:

    Prot Warriors: http://www.wowhead.com/?items=4&filter=qu=3:4:5:6:7;sl=5;ty=4:-3:-6:-2:-4:6:0;minle=150;ub=1;gm=3;wt=42:117:20:45:119:44:2 1:22:46:43:96:114:103:41;wtv=100:95:90:90:90:80:75 :70:55:50:40:25:15:5

    You can then click through the filters and choose to see only Chest slot items, Head slot items, etc. and it will only show level 80 items from heroics and raids.

    I based the weight scale on info I read from:

    - http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f63/4...avoidance.html
    - Avoidance Diminishing Returns - Elitist Jerks
    - http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f14/4...e-ratings.html
    - Combat Ratings at level 80 - Elitist Jerks

    If you went crazy and picked up the best of the best in every slot (I excluded the end game quest neck), this is what you'd get: chardev.org - a World of Warcraft Character Planner - x

    Here's a quick weight scale that I made for Arms Warriors: http://www.wowhead.com/?items=4&filter=qu=3:4:5:6:7;sl=5;minle=200;ub=1;g m=3;wt=20:119:96:117:21:114:77:103:22:41;wtv=100:9 5:90:85:70:60:42.5:40:10:1

    Here's the stats you end up with a full-set of the best of the best: chardev.org - a World of Warcraft Character Planner - x
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    Pretty nifty.

    A lot of the first pieces listed agree with what I would pick as my BiS piece. A few of the stats need tweaking, but it gives a pretty good idea.

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    loot rank does something similar, except you can define where you want to look for upgrades - ie 10man naxx, 25man naxx, world drop etc.

    they are weighted a little differently than demog's list but its a good quick glance tool.

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    This weight thing is actually pretty cool. I was tweaking it a bit and came up with a really in-depth guide for myself on what upgrades to look for.

    Here's what a couple of hours playing with the calc resulted in:

    Items sorted from biggest upgrade to smallest upgrades for each slot [upgrade size in brackets]:

    Weapons: Betrayer of Humanity - KT (H), Death's Bite - KT
    Ranged: [+3] Spinning Fate - Noth (H), [+2.6] Envoy of Mortality - KT (H), [+1.9] Arrowsong - Patchwerk (H), [+0.7] Nerubian Conquerer - KT
    Head: [+10] Obsidian Greathelm - Sarth+2 (H), [+5.8] Valorous Dreadnaught - KT (H)
    Neck: [+1.5] Favor of the Dragonqueen - Sapp (H) Questline
    Shoulders: [+0.2] Valorous Dreadnaught - Loatheb (H)
    Back: [+8] Drape of the Deadly Foe - KT (H), [+6] Aged Winter Cloak - Heigan (H), [+4] Cloak of Mastery - Sapp
    Chest: [+4] Valorous Dreadnaught - 4H (H), [+4] Chestguard of the Recluse* - Maly (H)
    Wrist: [+6.5] Bracers of Unrelenting Attack - Gothik (H)
    Hands: [+10] Frosted Adroit Handguards* - Malygos (H), [+6] Crude Discolored Battlegrips - Patchwerk (H), [+4] Valorous Dreadnaught - Sarth (H)
    Waist: [+7] Girdle of Razuvious - Razuvious (H), [+7] Belt of the Tortured* - Patchwerk (H), [+4] Girdle of Chivalry - Grobb (H), [+2.5] Girdle of the Ascended Phantom - Gothik
    Legs: [+8.6] Belabored Legplates - Sarth+2, [+4.4] Valorous - Thaddius (H)
    Fingers: [+6] Surge Needle Ring - Malygos, [+3] Greatring of Collision - Sarth+2, [+2.2] Circle of Death - Sapp, [+1.3] Strong-Handed Ring - Multi-boss Naxx (H), [+0.3] Sealing Ring of Grobbulus - Grobb
    Trinkets: Bandit's Insignia - Sapp (H), Grim Toll - Grobb (H), Loatheb's Shadow - Loatheb (H)

    * = Leather/Mail

    End-game Arms setup: chardev.org - a World of Warcraft Character Planner - x

    Currently using this set of strength equivalency points (SEP) to determine which pieces of gear are best for me:
    - Armor
    - Ranged Weapon

    Cross-referenced with:
    - Armory, general inspection of top Warriors
    - Elitist Jerks Warrior Forum, Warriors - Elitist Jerks
    - Tankspot, Damage Per Second Discussion - TankSpot
    - Maxdps, MaxDPS.com - Arms Warrior DPS Gear Rankings (LOL)

    Breakdown by location/boss:

    Naxx 25: Strong-Handed Ring
    - KT: Betrayer of Humanity^, Drape of the Deadly Foe^, Valorous Dreadnaught Helm, Envoy of Mortality
    - Sapp: Favor of the Dragonqueen (quest)^, Bandit's Insignia^
    - 4H: Valorous Dreadnaught Chest^
    - Razuvious: Girdle of Razuvious^
    - Noth: Spinning Fate^
    - Thaddius: Valorous Dreadnaught
    - Grobbulus: Girdle of Chivalry, Grim Toll
    - Patchwerk: Belt of the Tortured*, Crude Discolored Battlegrips, Arrowsong
    - Loatheb: Valorous Dreadnaught Shoulders^
    - Heigan: Aged Winter Cloak
    - Gothik: Bracers of Unrelenting Attack^

    - KT: Death's Bite, Nerubian Conquerer
    - Sapp: Cloak of Mastery, Circle of Death
    - Grobbulus: Sealing Ring of Grobbulus
    - Loatheb: Loatheb's Shadow
    - Gothik: Girdle of the Ascended Phantom

    Sarth 25
    +2 Obsidian Greathelm^

    +2 Belabored Legplates^, Greatring of Collision

    Malygos 25 - Frosted Adroit Handguards*^, Chestguard of the Recluse*

    Malygos - Surge Needle Ring^

    ^ = current best in slot

    Off-spec wish list based on this set of defense equivalency points (DEP):

    Head: [+10.4] Valorous, [+9.1] Obsidian Greathelm*, [+8.7] Helm of Vital Protection - Gothik (H), [+4.8] Heroes, [+3.9] Thane's Tainted Greathelm - Gluth
    Shoulder: [+1.5] Valorous, [+0.8] Burdened - Gothik (H)
    Chest: [+2] Valorous
    Wrist: [+3.8] Bracers of the Unholy Knight - Razuvious (H), [+3.8] Bindings of the Hapless Prey - Maexxna (H), [+1] Valor Badge, [+0.5] Minion Bracers - Naxx Trash
    Waist: [+4] Ablative Chitin Girdle - Maexxna (H)
    Legs: [+4.5] Legplates of Sovereignty - Maly (H), [+1] Dragon Brood Legguards - Sarth (H)
    Feet: [+9] Sabatons of Endurance - Thaddius (H), [+7.3] Valor Badge, [+4.9] Inexorable Sabatons - Anub (H), [+3.8] Plague-Impervious Boots - Noth
    Finger: [+3.4] Gatekeeper - Sapp (H), [+3.2] Sand-Worn Band - Multi-boss Naxx (H), [+2.2] Deflection Band - Anub
    Trinket: Repelling Charge - Thaddius
    Weapon: Last Laugh - KT (H), Broken Promise - Gluth (H), Slayer of the Lifeless - Gothik
    Shield: [+6.3] Wall of Terror - KT (H), [+4.1] Barricade of Eternity - Maly, [+4] Hero's Surrender - Patchwerk (H), [+1.7] Hero Badges, [+0.7] The Skull of Ruin - Grobbulus

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