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Thread: Dual Wielding DKs: Demystifying the Myth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satorri View Post
    I tank without shields, frequently. =P

    I hug them thoroughly until they give up.

    (Also to argue semantics, the purpose of a shield is to be beaten)
    I prefer hittin' em with my shield instead, but that's just personal preference

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satorri View Post
    Sadly, while the proc is cool, I wouldn't equip the Commendation of Quel'thalas at 80 unless I hadn't gotten a level 80 trinket. I'd love to see a trinket like that, upgraded for 80 from the new content in Icecrown. =)
    I have found the commendation proc highly useful. Although I only have on my DK, but that is because my warrior got black heart first.

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