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Thread: Holy Paladin HELP!

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    Holy Paladin HELP!

    ok im respecing from ret paladin to holy paladin soon
    working on my gear atm
    but im a little lost on what i need
    i have been given rough amounts from holy paladins on my server

    such as around 1400bonus spell power todo heroics
    and around 15k int
    but they always around this and around that.

    so i was woundering if anybody could give me a little hand

    also what gems and enchants are best for holy paladins.
    dont matter about price can make them all myself lol

    thank you for your time and help
    looking forward to hearing from you

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    I'm guessing that this forum isn't exactly the place to discuss holy pally healing mechanics and such but from what I understand, focus on intellect, then crit and then spellpower. Spirit is nearly useless and mp5 is too expensive of a stat for holy pallys.

    You might wanna check out the PlusHeal.com • Index page forum. Here is a post for gemming/enchanting your gear -PlusHeal.com • View topic - Holy Paladin Gear Enhancements 101.

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