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Thread: TPS falling behind

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    TPS falling behind

    So my guild is progressing nicely through the 10 mans, and we've even started in on 25man Sartharion and will hopefully break into 25man Naxx soon. Though I don't lose agro, I'm starting to see my TPS falling behind and its taking all I got to stay ahead of the higher dps'ers. I've even gone as far as to respec into vigilance. I'm starting to question some of my enchant / gem choices and was just hoping to find a little advice on upping my tps. Right now i average between 3.5k and 4k on most boss fights.

    Here is my Armory:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I think as far as gear goes I'm stuck waiting on drops from 10 man Naxx. I've got around 50 or so emblems banked though if anyone can think of a piece I may have over looked.

    I appreciate any advice that can be offered.

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    How close are they? Threat is still very much part of the game - In my experience in naxx heoric you won't be seeing massive threat leads over your dps unless you're far more geared than them or you're given some alone time with the boss before the dps opens up.

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    You have gemmed purely for avoidance which is great if you're having trouble staying alive. However, if you feel like you're having trouble with threat, gem for threat. I have yet to feel threatened by a boss in terms of survival, healers have been able to keep me up through anything without a major hit to their mana pool, including tanking Patchwerk. With that in mind, I have gemmed purely for threat and am still easily holding a threat lead on 99% of bosses.

    Honestly, the most annoying boss to tank is the Stone Watcher in Archavon, because he spends half his time charging or aoe'ing somebody else, leaving me with little spare rage for heroic strikes. Couple this with the fact that he's often done as a pug and you'll have free-wheelin dps going balls out "because they can."

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