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Thread: Naxx10 check

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    Naxx10 check

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    Dinged 80 over the weekend, made/had made my crafteds (currently saving to buy Dragon's Eye x 4 for the JC tanking ring) and will run heroics for a week or two before we enter Naxx (unless I pug in with someone).

    I know I need to enchant my cloak (just got it at lunch) and bracers. The UP sword and gossamer stam trinket are my top priorities heroic-wise.

    Looking at what others have said, am I correct in surmising I could mt Naxx 10 with my current stats (of course I intend to be as overgeared as possible going in)?

    I will be looking first and foremost to add EH, as my avoidance should cover most of the encounters (I have a better pure avoidance set for OTing Patchwerk). Doing over 1k DPS in 5 mans so that shouldn't be a problem, threat is never an issue, etc. Is there anything else I should emphasize? I will be more or less following Vene's emblem order as badges allow.


    Edit: The AsH helm from heroic Nexus is another priority, I don't plan to craft the epic helm, as it's sorta a PoS.
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    Yeah, I started MTing it wearing very similar (in some cases exactly the same) gear. You will do fine as long as the rest of your raid group puts in a similar amount of effort.

    Some random tips: get your Argent rep up for the head enchant. It's badass. And yes, go for the Arcane helm...I did have the epic boe one (which is fine for initially adding a buttload of stam) but this blue is amazing.

    Run Hero VH daily until you get the legs (hell, it's worth doing just for the badges alone).

    The first heroic item I bought was the belt of living iron. I was tempted to jump in early and get the neckpiece for 15 less badges, but I was glad I held out; the belt is very good, and of course you can add another socket to it.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks! Yesterday was a good day; after running regular HoL enough times the last few weeks they started asking for rent, I went with some leveling guildies and the Eternally Folded Blade finally dropped (I hope UP is less stingy with its sword!). Then I did a pug of heroic Gun'drak and Horn-Tipped Gauntlets fell, so I have no right to complain about loot drops for a while.

    Also, since I'm having no problem hitting 540 defense (I've even stopped enchanting for defense until such time as I get pieces that justify the expense) I am considering getting Durable Nerubhide Cape crafted after all (I was originally ignoring it due to perceived itemization issues). My pocket healer happens to be a leatherworker, so it wouldn't cost much and I can farm the mats by doing heroics. Plus at this point I'm finding expertise harder to come by than defense.

    What do you guys think?
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