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Thread: In need of some guidance...

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    In need of some guidance...

    Hey all,

    Been posting here a while. I felt like I had a good hold on gear in BC, but I'm starting to get scatter brained here in Northrend.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I currently have about 20 Emblems of Valor and I think this week I will be able to get about 10 more. Not sure what I should go for first. I really want to upgrade my boots. And I just haven't had any luck picking a pair up.

    Bracers are the same story.

    I got a nice ring out of Heroic Drek'Tharon, but I can't even use it because it takes me below defense cap. I also picked up a pair of gloves in Naxx25. The ones with SBV on them. Can't use those either.

    Last week in my Naxx25, my OT got the Sword and the Shield....a nice necklace, AND the defense trinket. Hopefully the same luck will be bestowed on me this week.

    I need to run some heroic Az'jol for the 111stam trinket and Old Kingdom for the bracers, but what else should I be looking for? Or possibly get crafted, etc.

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    The "easiest" thing to get to help you out overall is probably the Seal of the Pantheon from non-heroic Halls of Lightning (does not drop in heroic). The 65 defense rating really allows you a lot more wiggle room in your gearing options. I put the word easiest in quotes because it took me at least 10 runs to get the darned thing.

    It appears that you've gained the ability to wear both the ring and gloves as of this posting (get a few enchants?). You've got a nice health bar by the way. It also looks like you got your hands on the Gossamer trinket.

    I'd say if you're looking for where to spend your emblems of valor, wait until you're done for the week. I was originally going to go for the ring, but got a nice one recently and decided to go for the cloak instead. The bracers out of the Old Kingdom are pretty close in value to me (avoidance wise, you're really missing out on a little stam and hit rating I think ... I should probably check again before talking out of various orifices not meant for typing...), and heroic Old Kingdom I consider a pretty fun instance (unless you have to try to kill a druid during Insanity ... omg ...).

    You may want to look at the dodge trinket from heroism emblems, but that's just really a preference thing. You appear to be pretty good on most of your gearing choices and have a good handle on what you need.

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