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Thread: Gear Help

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    Gear Help

    So i have been slowly gearing up through heroics the past 2 days or so and have gotten a good chunk of the gear i need. All of my stats seem to be ok except for my block %, it is relatively low. There are not many pieces at all that can get it up without going into naxx from what i have been able to dig up. I was wondering if anyone had any tips as to how to get my block up. The only way i could really see getting a significant increase would be to drop deep wounds and put those three points to max out Sheild Specalization.

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    If I was worried about my block, I would consider dropping Incite

    or dropping cruely and vigilance, either would give you the 3%.

    Plus drop the direbrew trinket, in favor of a nice blue trinket that adds block rating, drops in Heroic Violet hold.

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    Yeah ive been trying to run VH, but a bud needs it and hasnt been on for a couple of days so i have not got the run, although i was going to replace that direbrew trinket with the stam one for AN, but i guess the block my suit me better.

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    Well, I mean to be honest with ya,

    your spec in total is a bit confused or "misleading" in what is important to you.

    Common theme amongst tanks is that threat, is NOT an issue at this point in the game.

    your spec, is so threat based, that it leads me to beleive thats what is important to you, (at your avoidance level, i cant see threat being priority over avoidance and mitigation, but, its what your telling me with it.)

    for example. The arms tree talents EXCLUDING deflection, are all 100% threat generating, yet your asking about block for mitigation. Fury tree: cruelty and armored to the teeth, again both threat based, and mitigation is your concern?

    If it were me, id consider looking at an avoidance and mitigation laden spec, like mine is currently.

    Tombrokeoff from Firetree (US)

    but yes, the block trinket could be a patch job to what your looking for.

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