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Thread: Gimping TPS for DEF

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    Gimping TPS for DEF

    I am trying to figure out where i can change things around. Every time i get a new piece of gear, i have to figure out someway to regem to get my DEF back up.

    Any advice on what i can change out to boost TPS and retain that DEF rating?

    and for the record.... 14 runs on Red Sword of Courage. No luck yet. 5 Runs on Harald for the bracers and no luck. Tons of runs of HOL for the DEF trinket.... no luck. Also... shoulder enchant is in the process as i get the rep.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    **Seeing how armory still is not showing sockets....**
    Bracers - have a 16 def gem
    Gloves - have a 16 def gem and 8dodge/8stam
    Belt - has a 16 def gem and 24 stam gem.
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    Well, cloak you're using is decent, but it's doesn't have any defense. Pretty much the reason why I didn't go for it and just kept using Wyrmrest rep reward until getting another cloak from Naxx.

    As for obvious upgrades, keep running Naxx10 until you get your hands on Repelling Charge and doing UP over and over again is worth the effort.
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