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Thread: Gear Check

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    Gear Check

    My guild wanted to start on Malygos. I have tanked Sar in OS in both 10/25 men so far without any tier pieces. I'm just wondering how hard Malygos would be for me to tank if I'm just going in these gears.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Do I need to re-enchant stuff for more avoidance? Any other tips would be appreciated.

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    eh, you'll be fine. It wont be easy in your gear, but avoidance isnt what the fights about...its a stam stackers fight.

    GL in there

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    I hope your healers r awesome =D

    Malygos hits like a truck (vortex + breath + 1 melee = LOTSA FKIN DMG). (this is 25 man ofcourse)..

    oh and dont let the sparks get to him

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