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Thread: Tank Prio on drops

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    Tank Prio on drops

    I'm not expert on the mechanics of Death Knights or Paladins so I'm curious how to prioritize plate drops.

    Good for everyone but bears. But after 540 defense seems to benefit Pallies & Warriors more than DK since the shield block rating is wasted. High Def items might make it easier for a DK to juggle his gear.

    Block Rating
    Wonderful for a warrior in fights where the incoming hits are fairly low (trash, fast hitting bosses etc.) Do Paladins set much worth in BR or does their spell + basic block rating still put them over 100%? Useless for DK or Bears.

    I dont believe there is a parry multiplier for Death Knights so does this stat benefit all tanks equally? With the high cost / point of avoidance I'm not crazy about it but with DR I dont mind seeing it on the gear.

    Block value
    Paladins probably gain the most from this stat since their shield is up so much more often than a warriors. Pallies & Warriors both love it for the uber shield slams.

    Great for everyone

    Great for everyone

    Great for Warriors, Death Knights, Druids, good for Paladins.
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    I can help you with the warrior/paladin aspect.

    Paladins need a small amount of block rating but nothing major. Warriors and Paladins block around the same amount of total damage. Paladins block more often but warriors block harder.

    Basically anything a warrior would want a paladin will want to with the exception of expertise which is pretty lack luster for a paladin but great for dk/warrior/druid.

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    As far as block value is concerned, warriors are likely to gain the most from this stat. Warriors have the most scalers with block value, specifically critical block, and shield block. Pallys love it too, however, because Holy Shield provides some nice block uptime. Anecdotally, I've noticed warriors block frequency 7%-10% less then Paladins on most fights, but Warriors typically will block for more total damage.

    While the base conversion for parry rating is the same for all three classes, I believe DK will gain the least from parry due to DR, unless their parry is lower then other respective classes at the time.

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