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Thread: mobs moving around/behind tanks

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    Ive tanked alot of heroics with mages and shammies, thus far ive only seen a KB spell work the way it was suspose to once. Other then that its been fail for all of them. And the one that did it was a good friend of mine whos actually a resto shammy but went eley for a little cuz he, like most of us got bored.

    I personally ask any mage/shammy to not use those spells unless things arent going as planned which rarely happens. Most of the time its because they are bored and decide to be an asshole. I get very upset when i see this, specially on aoe packs when a mage/shammy blasts the whole group away and just back up, like they did nothing wrong. Since firstly they completly made a mess of the pack, 2, they usually knock them out of the aoe damage, and 3, lastly and mostly improtant, the tank is no longer putting threat on them, which for prot warrs is the hardest since we do not generate that much aoe threat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreg View Post

    however I would like to disagree with those who get aggravated with knock backs, generally speaking they help positioning if its well placed and angled. really what do you find so terrible about knock backs that you kick people from your groups? it helps you take less damage, and the mobs come right back to you. maybe its that I only have knock backs happen in guild groups from our ele shaman or that i have an ele shaman alt, but i find knock backs a very useful tool and quite entertaining to watch even from a tanking perspective.
    I have a moonkin alt aswell, and I loooove my typhoooon, because it saves lives in add-hard boss fights (say last boss in Azol-nerub), if tank is stunned/feared and healers are beeing overwhelmed with adds or additional add come towards vunerables (meaning anyone but the tank) and it saves little time untill tank picks them up. But I never ever would use it on mobs that are already atacking tank - why the hell would anyone create more chaos?
    You say it helps you take less damage? - if you are tanking aoe you probably feel comfortable in your gear and trust the healer so knockbacking to take less damage is not much of a tool in my opinion.
    Think of ranged mobs - you finally picked them up, got them all in front of you (hopefully they will not go on your back) and someone comes and knocks them back and you have to pick them up again! Usually they are not in charge-in range, so then need to run in or walk backwards.. in the mean time anyone could overagro on any of the mobs...

    So it is a good tool if you use it properly, but I think people just get over -exited about these spells.

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    With regards to Grobbulus, I've found that there's a direct correlation to server latency, and positioning issues. Basically, where you are in relation to the boss is different between the 2 reference frames:

    1. your computer's
    2. the server's

    I'm on the east coast, and my server is on the west coast. Lag was huge the other night, and Grobbulus kept over running me. I had my OT switch to MT, and the problem was greatly reduced. As I'm sure you guessed, my OT is on the west coast, and his ping was around 100. Mine was 300.

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    For referance I solved all the Grobbulus issues even with 200-300ms lag by turning off the auto run feature and continually walking backwards slowly with him (and never stopping). For 3 weeks not in both 10 and 25man we have only had maybe 2-3 extra slimes total. It did not appear to effect the melee dps too much as they have not been complaining.

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