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Thread: Reduced chance to crit bosses

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    Reduced chance to crit bosses

    I was chatting with my flatmate last night and he mentioned an article he'd read about how the melee crit chance was reduced against bosses and also that the hit cap had changed. It caught me a little off guard as I'd not heard anything of the sort so he directed me here:

    Retesting hit table assumptions - Elitist Jerks

    The summery of this is that there seems to be -4.8% chance to crit against raid bosses. There is also some debate about a 1% reduction in the miss rate but the discussion focuses around dual wielding (so from down from 28% miss to 27%) and I'm not sure if it applies to when you're single wielding.

    I was more interested in the depressed chance to crit as I'd been considered speccing for impale. If I understood Mero's article correctly then we need to have a 25% buffed crit rate with 0 zero white swings (i.e 100% heroic strike up time) for impale to be more effective than cruelty. I guess this means we'll 29.8% now which is a tad trickier to get to.
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    from what i've read and Mephs tested, new miss rate is 8% so as arms/prot you want 8% hit now to never miss, for TG fury it's 13% so 10% + precision.

    as for the crit thing, I've read about that too, kinda makes sense, but -4.8% is pretty heavy handed imo, we'll see.

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