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Thread: I am having problems

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    I am having problems

    Well, Hello I am new here I have been having problems tanking heroics lately and I did not have any problems in normal instances. I was wondering if its just DK's cant tank as well or if i messed up something in my spec or my gear just plain sucks for heroics..

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I am up for any tips

    ** If the armory says i am wearing Shroud of Reverberation cape then it has not updated to my tanking set.

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    Death knights can certainly tank heroics and raid content. Your gear however still needs a lot of work before you can successfully tank heroics. Many of the items you are wearing are itemised for DPS. not tanking.

    First shoot for the crit immunity floor of 535 defense for heroics. Gemming and enchanting your gear will also help. Cider has written a useful guide on gearing for crit immunity that will help you get started.

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