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Thread: Keystone Great-Ring Vs Solid Platnium Band

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    Keystone Great-Ring Vs Solid Platnium Band

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    Which of these is more qualified as a tank ring for a protection warrior? It seems that the Keystone ring is a druid tanking ring yet it is a good alternative. What do you guys think? I am def-capped with and without it.

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    Keystone Great-Ring is definitely better.

    The mini-percentages you see in WoWhead is based on L74 ratings converstions. At 80, the Keystone Great-Ring gives more avoidance to than the Solid Platinum Band in addition to have significantly more stam.

    Edit: The math is .996% avoidance on the solid platinum band vs. 1.25% avoidance on the keystone ring.

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    I prefer the Keystone becuase it scales nicely with my meta gem the 32 stam and 2% armor. Its a nice chunk of dodge as well. It also has a bit more stam to it.

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    The Great-Ring definitely. More armor, more avoidance, more stamina, 2 less strength.

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