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Thread: Am I ready for Naxx 10?

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    Am I ready for Naxx 10?

    Guys, I am wondering if I am ready to hit the box in Naxx 10.

    I have been following all the cool guides in this forums and trying to get my homework done. I know there is plenty of stuff I can get from Heroics and emblems, however I am getting pushed to get in naxx, and I just hit 80 3 days go so no much time to get gear from 5 man heroics so far.

    The World of Warcraft Armory.

    Thanks a ton

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    I'd say so although your avoidance is a little low, but looks good to me. There's a lot of trinkets you could pick up for some added avoidance or there gems you could add for parry rating etc..

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    There's a sticky that says "Do Not Post Armory Suggestions Here!".

    Read stickies before posting.


    (not being harsh, just saying...)

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