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Thread: Yellow Gem for Bears

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    Yellow Gem for Bears

    What Yellow gem do you think fits bears the best? I think I decided on hit/stam, although I'm not happy with that choice.

    In general, if you don't care about matching the socket color, do you gem for agility or stamina or what?

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    Ah yes the good old vivid forest emerald has been in my mind rather a lot recently. That's my favourite yellow atm. I usually use +16 agi in all red gem slots, and because stamina is generally so high, I've been using the stamina enchants instead of stamina gems... unless I need some blue for the meta activation (in which case the regal twilight is good: +8dodge, +12 stam). Also I'm choosing enchants based on cost, because I'm upgrading pieces every other day.

    Hmmmmm, for color matching, I've had fun matching gem colors to sockets, just because, its... well fun. I like the names of the gems, and the colors etc etc. There's so many cool new things in game to play around with.

    Since the content is so easy, I dont worry about xtreme theorycrafting. I dont think we need it for radical success. Its much more about the strats. Last night we lost 15 people Heigan the unclean, and we finished him off just fine. (Just one obvious example where it doesnt matter a jot what gems I have socketed)

    Patchwork is a different case for tanks: but the game is allowing me to sail right up to obscene levels of avoidance, mitigation & health with very little math effort on my part.

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