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Thread: Hit cap really worth it for prot warrior?

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    I've been using +hit food/elixir and with the moongoat aura, its got me pretty close to the cap. I'm seeing improvements in my DPS.

    Breaking down 10 man Patchwerk between last night and the week before, I'm up 269 DPS with reducing my miss rate on Heroic strike from 8.6% to 6.2% (HS being my most used attack). I did 2274 DPS MTing Patches last night in 10 man. Not fantastic but hey, not too bad.
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    Those who are saying they are having absolutely no issues with threat - wait until your dps gets geared up, then see where you stand.

    Since we really have no "progression" bosses to test a tanks ability to withstand worse case scenario damage, best bet is to just get your best dps gems and enchants. Expertise is nice because it counts towards both mitigation and threat. Most encounters that wipe are due to circumstances outside the tank just not being able to handle the damage.

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    can we make a forum for progression tanking and farm tanking? im hating these forums already for boxing in tanks in particular for ultimate gear sets and what not.

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    While Expertise will come on your gear more readily than Hit, Expertise also doesn't affect Taunt, Shockwave, or Thunderclap, which is a big deal of your threat/damage

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    I think, can't double check atm due to armory being down, I run with about 7% hit. When I compare this with the 80ish hit rating I ran back in tbc, I can honestly say I like having hit.

    I wouldn't say go out of your way to stack it, but it is nice to see 90% of your attacks land.

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    tbh i think expertise is moe imprtant than hit overall.

    i tanked Malygos for the first time and got raped...i then managed to get full valorous set from naxx25 and have gemmed for 6% expertise (think im at 24 expertise /??) my second attempt at tanking maly with valorous and expertise meant i was much higher threat, less incoming damage and didnt lose aggro.

    therefore imo expertise over hit ... i just use the hit on items and from weapon chain (about 150ish).
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    Hit Cap

    I'm not exacly going for hit cap at the moment, but I'm starting to gem for expertise and hit.

    With every encounter on farm and the dpsers capping 6k dps, having more threat stats helps both the threat cap and your own dps.

    Tanks dps is a big part of your threat nowadays, which is awesome since you can help bringing the boss down.

    Unfortunately Last Laugh hasn't dropped for me yet, so I'm running around in full Valorous and Red sword of Courage, which doesn't help my tps at all.

    I'm not saying you should gem just for TPS stats, but if you're def capped, why not throw a few +hit/+stam or +expertise/+stamina in your yellow/red sockets?

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