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Thread: Starting Naxx

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    Starting Naxx


    My guild is thinking about starting Naxxaramas this weekend and I`m wondering whether I`ll be ready to tank at least the easiest wing.

    My stats are currently:

    23,453 HP
    22,456 armor
    502 Defense
    15,68% Dodge
    12,58% Parry

    I`m not uncrittable yet. Working on my Wyrmrest accord reputation and on Loken`s Trinket.

    My question is, once I get to revered with Wyrmrest, get the trinket and enchant with whatever enchants I can find at this level (without further rep such as sons of hodir) is it possible to start Naxx and clear at least the easiest wing?


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    Oh, I forgot to link to the armory:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    HP there is without Frost Presence.

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    Pre-Naxx Gear

    Hey, Im in a similar situation also except my guildies are not exactly PvE orientented and were a small tight-knit group which I dont anticipate them raiding like I want to. But none the less Im gearing up using a compilation of guides ive found on forums and some pieces I picked up myself.

    Base Stats______
    25,697 hp---23,312 Armor
    530 Defense---18% dodge---13.75% Parry
    270 hit rating---181 Expertise rating (27 Expertise)

    Ive been tanking heroics for a few days now without much trouble and want to start Naxx. eroic Mobs hit me for 1-2k and I will have my 540 defense with anothor piece of gear or two. I think this is good enough but I want to be 100% certain before I start begging other guilds or w/e to let me come. The Wyrmrest gear is what I am currently sporting so once you have those you will be on your way, but I think some more stats might be in order judging from my expirence in heroics at least. Im also heavily enchanted/enhanced. Here's my armory The World of Warcraft Armory
    I also think im going to change out my build slightly and get rid of a couple points in UH for Blade Barrier. Just wanted to fool around with Corpse Explosion a bit, (very satisfying to blow up an ally you just ownd).

    If theres anyone out there that has tanked Naxx either sucessfully or not, throw in your two bits plz, Would be most appreciated ^.^

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    Really, if you started doing heroics, you guys can easily do the first couple of wings in Naxx.

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    I would suggest doing what you can to get to uncrittable, whether that be enchanting def with 22 def to chest, or various other, gems, or adding some resilience if you have to. There really shouldn't be a problem with trash as it seems so trivial, but there are a lot of attacks the bosses do that will hit high damage when not crits, and I imagine they would be very easily raid killers if they were. Otherwise armor and health looks good on both of you, and avoidance might be a tad low but still in the okay as far as I can tell. There is some nice gear from heroics so keep doing those when you can and get once you get going in Naxx it seems to be just learning the encounters. I am from a casual guild and we started raiding as soon as we got 10 80's and we cleared it the other night, so basically a little over a week, we started did a few bosses before reset and then the first full week we cleared it.

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