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Thread: Agility revisited?

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    Agility revisited?

    As we all know, prot warrior damage while tanking is way way way more significant than it used to be. Most of our threat moves are damage based now. And everything got buffed out the khazoo in WotLK. So the damage we contribute in raids, especially 10-mans where we make up a higher percentage of raid dps, is now worth something.

    Throw in the fact that we can now get Impale in an actual serious raid MT build, and Crit is worth much more than it used to be. And we still get Dodge and Armor from Agility. And it all scales with Kings.

    Problem is, no WotLK tanking gear has any Agility on it whatsoever (except for some tanking weapons). But my question is...

    Red gems slots. Say you've got a piece with a Blue and Red slot, with a +6 Stamina bonus. 24 Stamina for the blue, of course. But for the red slot... 8 Dodge/12 Stam or 8 Agility/12 Stamina?

    73.52941176 Agility = 1% Dodge
    1 Agility = 2 Armor
    62.5 Agility = 1% Crit

    39.35 Dodge Rating = 1% Dodge

    Combat Ratings at level 80 - Elitist Jerks
    Combat rating system - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft

    100 Agility vs. 100 Dodge Rating...

    100 Agility (+10% from Kings)
    1.496% Dodge
    242 Armor (+10% from Toughness)
    1.76% Crit
    4.033 AP (Armored to the Teeth)

    100 Dodge Rating
    2.54% Dodge

    Is it just me or are the two pretty damn comparable, unless you are just in a situation where max survivability is all that matters?

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    I have broached this subject on the shoutbox many times and have always been told that you are better off gemming pure stats instead of agility for all the side benefits. I agree with you though that agility seems to yield the most point per point than any other stat you can gem for, kind of like how expertise helps you twice as much as hit rating to a certain point.

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    Agility's usefulness relative to dodge obviously depends on what you're trying to accomplish. Back in the day it was a minor threat increase for a significant avoidance dropoff. It's still largely the same, but when you factor in DR things could get pretty interesting.

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    In Whitetooths TTL calculations that include DR and armor, but not SBV or SBR for defense, agility actually adds more TTL per point than dodge, so there is a very real benifite for going for agility over dodge, though it's hard to hear.

    Does that mean I'm going to start stacking agility gems? I'm not sure, but I know I'll try it out later just for fun, and I know that I'll stick to my cloak agility enchant like I always have once I have enough defense rating.

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