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Thread: WWS type tool

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    WWS type tool

    During Wrath beta I remember an alternative to WWS popped up that presented it's information in a recount-esque fashion. I do not remember the name or url to this and was wondering what it was. ^_^;

    I was wondering if anyone with experience with both that and WWS had preferences between the two. Which worked better, which was easier to get vital information from, etc.

    Also, what's the best process for creating the logs for either of these?

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    wws just is not up to date and accurate for wrath, I have noticed many discrepancies with it personally. I think the layout of wowmeter is nice on the individual level, but the raid as a whole is inferior to wws. When you go to the site, click the language filter in the top right corner.

    As far as making a log, you can do it manually, but I find a simple addon, such as Loggerhead(which I use) that will turn a log on or off depending on what zone you are in is much easier. Also, when parsing the logs make sure you Archive(wws) or delete(wowmeter) the current log, as you can only parse 12 hours at a time, and you will have to remember to do this manually before you log in for raids, or go through thousands of lines of text to manually edit out the old logs.

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