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Thread: Am I ready for heroics?

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    Am I ready for heroics?

    Just wanted to take a poll of the tankspot community to see if you guys think i'm ready for heroics. I recently hit 80 and I'm looking to upgrade my gear still but i think i'm sitting pretty good and was thinking about trying to get my Red Sword of Courage soon. I know i'm missing some upgrades (titansteel helm, cloak and sword from wyrmcrest, hopefully i'll have those tonight) but what do you guys think? Will i survive or should i do some more grinding before i head in?


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    There is an Armory Suggestions forums.


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    You're in similar gear as I was when I started heroics. Stick to the easier ones for a bit, figure out who the good healers at your disposal are, then work on up the difficulty climb.

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