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Thread: The beginner's WotLK tank

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    The beginner's WotLK tank

    I'm going to delve into prot head-on soon, especially with dual spec coming out. I have decent arms gear and slapping on the Alliance Vanguard mace and shield in emergencies during 5mans and heroics is simply thrilling. I still have to gear up to be uncrittable in raids and heroics and respec, but first thing's first:

    WorldofWarcraft.com -> Info -> Classes -> Warrior -> Talent Calculator

    I know people will tell me to "do research" but the fact of the matter is tank specs are so varied and molded to people's different roles (or perhaps all the people I've been armorying just have no idea how to spec?)

    I want this to be able to MT for 5mans, heroics, and raids. What would change if I was delegated to OT in a raid? I've heard people saying some prot specs are meant to do as much damage as possible while others are meant to soak up as much damage as possible. I'd like a balance of both, but the important part is the ability to tank things and get them down in a timely manner. Should I simply rely on the DPS to do their job in this case?

    Did I miss any important things or pick up any useless talents? How would I change the talents as my gear improves (put less in the mitigation talents?)? Thanks.

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    To work as Protection after WotLK is a lot of fun. Sure, you dont kill things as fast, but you are definately a powerhouse to be reckoned with.

    Some things I saw in your talent build:

    In the arms tree I would suggest that you skip Improved Heroic Strike and instead place those points in "Iron Will". Reducing that stun time does make a differance. (I would suggest using a Glyph instead to get ragefree HS after a Revenge instead.)

    In the Protection tree I would advocate removing the points spent in Puncture and Focused Rage for the same reason; Rage starvation isnt really a problem these days. However, do spend a point in Warbringer. It is without a doubt one of the most useful abilities to have in the new tree!

    For the remaining points...I would suggest Cruelty.

    As for "Should I simply rely on the DPS to do their job in this case?" my reply would be yes, allow the DPS to kill but do not be surprised if you find yourself doing a lot more damage than you thought you would do, even when just working to hold aggro!

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