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Thread: Signet of the Accord

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    Signet of the Accord

    Signet of the Accord - Item - World of Warcraft I'm in a casual guild and last night we took down Sartharion and this BOE ring dropped. What are your thoughts on this? Was I dumb to suicide for it? Yes it's better than my current rings by far, but will it last me awhile? Just kind of thinking out loud here on this boring Friday at work and was hoping for some delightful discussions here on TS.

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    I like it. I'm using it. I haven't had anything better drop yet through 10-man Naxxramas.
    I. Am. Warrior.

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    That's a really good ring...don't feel bad.

    Spends it's points on just tank stats, and doesn't spend them on just one, so you get more bang for your buck.

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    I got it, it's a pretty cool ring with a lot of tanking stats, i think the other one drops from Anub'rekhan and it's not nearly as good as this one.

    I was going to sell it but my RL shouted at me XD

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    BOE items like this exist primarily to encourage more trickle-down from raid instances and dungeons. The flood of BoE blues from 5 mans are just another example of this. Nearly every 10 and 25 man raid boss has at least one BoE item on its loot table. Still, if its an upgrade for someone in your raid, attempting to sell it is, frankly, retarded.

    It'll probably last until you have at least one of the rings out of Naxx25 and craft a Titanium Earthguard Ring. It's a very good ring.

    For reference, here's a list of iLevel 200 or higher items that are BoE and aren't crafted by a profession: Items - World of Warcraft

    Some of these are world drops, by you'll notice alot of them are purchased with 25-man badges or drop from raids.

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    You'll find raids are now full of BoE items. Their only purpose is to give raiders something to sell besides void crystals (and maybe make void crystals less common). When it comes to bidding you should look at then just like regular BoP items, because there are going to be a lot of them.

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    I currently use this as my 1/2 rings, Pretty much best in slot and on par with Sand-Worn Band and the 25 valor token ring. Very VERY good ring.

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