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Thread: Requesting Feedback on my Prot Spec.

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    Requesting Feedback on my Prot Spec.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I have always been a DPS kinda guy, and never really found myself tanking much in WoW. I am looking to get any tips or incite on my current prot. build.

    I'm not a forums kinda guy and so.... if I have lengthy time between posts or crappy english I'll say sorry now. XD

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    That's almost the spec I'm planning on 80. I think I'd go with ... 3 points off Cruelty and into Armored to the Teeth. The impression I get from the others here is that 3% crit isn't that big a deal considering you're cruising at at +15% to all your important abilities anyway, vs. +attack power. Then again, I'm not 80 yet, so I can't vouch for that 100%.

    You may also be able to drop a few points from prot (3 exactly; I understand that higher level tanks consider dropping points from the first tier shield talent, if they've got enough SBR) to get AttT, cruelty, and impale maxed (my plan).

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    To better help you it would be good to know what your goal is. Are you to tank mainly in 10/25 man raids (and if so; MT or OT?) or are we talking instance groups?

    Is your goal to soak up damage or to try to do maximum damage while tanking?

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