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Thread: So do we even worry about threat stats anymore?

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    So do we even worry about threat stats anymore?

    In BC, for most raid bosses, I went for the highest EH possible, with a minimum level of avoidance, plus solid threat stats (Expertise, Block Value, and Hit). Polar's guide states...

    Target Stats
    The primary aim of the items listed is to increase stamina, defense, dodge/parry and armor. 540 defense is the target value to minimize crit chance against you. Once you hit 540 you should be aiming for a good balance between armor, stamina and avoidance (dodge+parry). From a threat generation perspective, strength, expertise, hit and block value will come naturally with the gear you collect. The head, chest, legs and shield contribute most to the tanking stats so aim to get these sorted above all else. Unbuffed 20k armor, 20k health and 30% dodge+parry is a good target for entry-level Naxxramas.
    So should we not even worry about threat stats anymore? I haven't been to Naxx yet, but is holding threat in WotLK so ridiculously easy that we don't even need to worry about Expertise, Block Value, Hit, Strength?

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    Threat, not necessarily, but once your raid gears past a certain point, you'll be wanting to push your DPS for quicker future encounters. A Tank's DPS stats are the same as the threat stats you listed.
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    depends on your dps'ers and the encounter. soem fights will still test the threat capabilities of tanks, and getting expertise/blockvalue/str/hit are all very important now because a tanks greatness is no longer measured by his TPS, it's by his DPS, all of which is improved by the aforementioned stats. Not to mention expertise and blockvalue/str still provide survival stats by removing parry chances (parry-gib?) and increasing overall mitigation.

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    And while tanks can run away with agro on single sustained single targets (and have a much easier time with AE tanking) it's worth noting that these are not the only situations you may find yourself in. A PAT may wander into an AOE, or a DPS may accidently pick up the wrong target, and you want to be able to lay down threat enough that you can pull them off even if your taunt is on cooldown.

    So I don't think you should ignore threat stats, although they may take a bit of a backseat compared to entry level raiding in BC.

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