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Thread: What enchant for warrior tanking sword

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    What enchant for warrior tanking sword


    finally got my red sword of courage last night, and am pleased about that.

    However I haven't kept up to play with what enchants are currently ideal for tanking. At the moment the sword has 50AP on it because my friend was standing next to me and is an enchanter (and got a skill up!). However I suspect there are more appropriate enchants out there.

    I've heard that potency (20str) is better than greater potency (50AP), is this just because of the tiny extra BV that you get frmo the str?

    I also believe there is a new 'lifestealing' enchant out there somewhere - anyone used it, and have any thoughts?

    Advice gratefully received

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    Well I personally use Titanium Weapon Chain - Item - World of Warcraft for the hit rating and disarm time reduction.

    There is also Enchant Weapon - Accuracy - Spell - World of Warcraft if you are looking for hit and crit rating for threat.

    The new enchant that does healing is Enchant Weapon - Lifeward - Spell - World of Warcraft though never tried it. Though from the description its proc does not do additional damage like the old lifestealing enchant.

    Personally a source I use is Enchantments by slot - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft which lists all item enchants by each slot, though not sure if it is fully updated for wrath yet.

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    Not sure about warriors but for druids I couldnt see any super-obvious enchants to get just yet, which is possibly part of the plan. Whats the point if there's always one clear winner? You may as well program it directly into the class and save us all a lot of time.

    However, one blogger thought good ol mongoose is still pretty good, averaging +49 agi on single targets.

    If anyone has any other information, I'd love to know too. In the meantime, its dirt-cheap and looks good, even if you'll be upgrading your weapon the day after.

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    For threat if not hitcapped I would take the accuracy. The hit is really usefull, and since I rarely get disarmed in raids >.> I value crit more then disarm reduction.

    If close to hitcap, potency should theoretically be better then greater potentcy.
    20str = 22str with kings, or 44AP + block value. The block value should be better then the 6ap you get extra with greater potency

    For avoidence mongoose still rules. The proc with some say almost a 40% uptime is a couple % of avoidence

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