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Thread: Problem with naxx 10 man tanking gear

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    Problem with naxx 10 man tanking gear

    Hello all,

    I'm new here so i dident know where to post this sorry.

    anyway my question is:

    i am defence capped atm but had to socked and almost fully enchant myself and atm we are doing naxx and when i look at the gear that drop i think im gonna pass them all since my blue gear has more defence atm if i go for the new epics even if i enchant all my gear im not gonna stay crit imumme. any of you have the same problem? my armory link:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    if you can spare some tips plz post me.

    thanks in advance.

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    I farmed the defense trinket in regular halls of lightning (only took me 16 runs). That helped me a lot.

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    yes im aware of that trinket. but having that will only make it possible to swap 1 item for a naxx item. which isent enough

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    You have 2 trinket slots that could have Defense.
    Your 1 ring could have Defense.
    Your bracers could be enchanted for Defense.
    Your belt needs a socket which could be socketted for Defense.
    You're a Blacksmith so your Gloves and Bracers should have a socket and can be socketted for Defense.
    You can get a Shoulder enchant with Defense.
    There's a Meta gem that provides Defense.
    ...and You don't have to follow Socket colours so all your gems can be Defense.

    You have a truck load of ways to get way, way more defense and you absolutely should not pass epic quality gear and stick with inferior blue gear.

    edit: Just realized from armorying myself that additional sockets provided by Blacksmithing do not show up so you may in fact already have a socket in your bracers, belt and gloves, but if you don't... you should get them.
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    Nice gear!

    I'd start with swapping the stam gem in the helmet for the defense and BV gem. Sacrificing stam is bad, right. But that frees you to ditch the lucky coin for a stam trinket, giving you more net Stam (and your BV should be high enough that the 5% bonus makes up for the loss from the trinket). Assuming you've got at least 32 stam available on one trinket or another, you get higher defense with the same or better stats otherwise.

    Other than that, yeah, grind some rep with the Sons of Hodir, get to honored (takes a few days, unless you're gonna go hunt for Everfrost), and get the better shoulder enchant. Eventually you'll want to go for exalted and the even-better shoulder enchant...

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    Upgrades I would suggest.

    (10/25) 4 Horseman Thane's Tainted Greathelm - Item - World of Warcraft
    (10/25) Gluth / Gothik Helm of Vital Protection - Item - World of Warcraft (personal favorite due to Armor/Stam/Def/Exp
    (25) Kel'Thuzad Valorous Dreadnaught Greathelm - Item - World of Warcraft (what I currently use)

    (10/25) Gluth / Razuvious Bracers of the Unholy Knight - Item - World of Warcraft

    (10/25) Sartharion Signet of the Accord - Item - World of Warcraft (what I currently use - easy to get from 10 man)
    (25 Valor Tokens) Signet of the Impregnable Fortress - Item - World of Warcraft (what I currently use and best in slot IMO. It has more def than almost ANY other item I have, has the expertise which is great, and also has the highest stam value that is on a ring @ 84...and its free, meaning you dont have to take raid loot to get this awesome item!!

    (10/25) Gluth / Noth Plague-Impervious Boots - Item - World of Warcraft
    (40 Valor Tokens) Kyzoc's Ground Stompers - Item - World of Warcraft (my personal favorite because they have more Armor and Stam then any of my other selections, and again...they are free via 40 Valor Badges

    I am wearing mostly naxx loot and havent had really much problem getting 540 def when needed. Im at 541 defense atm, with 2 stam trinkets. Just get the best iLevel item you can, and gem accordingly to get to 540 def. There is a reason the blue with 81 def is iLevel 187 but the epic pants with 55 def are iLevel 213. Get the better (epic higher iLvl item) and just gem/'chant for the def you need. Find an item that you can get that will upgrade your def value enough to replace a second item for one with more stam, while still staying over or @ 540.

    I had to get to 551 def overall, so I could drop my Guardian's Alchemist Stone - Item - World of Warcraft - which was 11 def worth, putting me back @ 540 so I could sub in Indestructible Alchemist's Stone - Item - World of Warcraft for more overall stam and avoidance. Works out well. Just think ahead, do the math and find out what items you want, and if you get that item, how much UNDER the def cap will you drop. Gem ahead of time assuming youll get that item. You dont want to go to 25 man naxx @ 545 def, take an epic item and then all of a sudden be tanking with 538 def because you didnt pre-gem to stay over the cap.
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    I just lost around 2000g in one week because of this, yeah, there is ALOT of blues with high defense, but not so much epics. I was with 550 one night, on the next with some upgrades, 532 ( so I changed some gems to get the defense cap with my new gear ) and today ( with the T7 helm ) 540 defense again but with 3 new HP/avoidance gems.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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