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Thread: How much hit & expertise should I have?

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    How much hit & expertise should I have?

    Looking at recount, it seems like I am missing about 3% of the time, 7% glancing and some dodge/parry. When I look at the damage stat in wow, its in red and then says:

    Main hand
    Attack speed 1.57
    Damage 424-564 x 99%
    Damage per Second 311.3

    I have 400 weapon skill in swords. Why is it x 99%?

    I assume I need to be stacking some hit / expertise, but I'm unclear on how much for a prot warr, and what the best way of getting those is. Unfortunatly i didn't roll on Romulous poision injector in BC, and I'm aldor so the scryer trinket won't help.

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    please ignore the red gem choice for the chest, I just got it last night, and I couldn't find many suitable ones, and that was cheap ;-)

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    It's 99% because: 100% * 1.1 from One-handed Spec = 110% * 0.9 from Defensive Stance = 99%

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    You should have as much hit and expertise as is currently on your best available gear. It sounds stupid, but it's the only real answer. Judging from your current gear, you still have upgrades available from heroics, namely AN, Gundrak, Old Kingdom, and Violet Hold. Some hit and expertise will come on that gear. We're at a point in the game where your expertise and hit won't gimp you from holding aggro, given that threat is in general quite easy right now. Focus more on finding your best available upgrades than meeting specific numbers.
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    Thanks, I think its sorted. The pants dropped in h-vh and with a weapon chain, that's bumped my hit, and I was noticing that there weren't misses showing in recount any more.

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