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Thread: Short on Health for 25 mans?

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    Short on Health for 25 mans?

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I am working on getting the helmet from Heroic Nexus and the trinket from heroic Azjol Nerub, but I have the worst luck, so it takes time.

    I can only assume my health is still far too low for 25 mans, but not sure where to really go for more other than the two items listed.

    I am doing Naxx 10 and Obsidian 10. Although as stated, I have the worst possible luck.

    Would prefer upgrades from heroics, or just anything else that is not already from raids.

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    I don't know about minimum HP for raids (my suspicion is that you're on the low side, but probably just fine - however I'll let someone who actually raids comment on that).

    However, you have two +defense gems which given your current defense rating, you can very safely drop and replace with some +24 stam gems, and also perhaps get the +200 hp enchant for the chest - should give a decent boost.

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    Essence of gossamer to replace your second crappy trinket would help.
    For 25s I felt comfortable tanking with 26k health unbuffed. This normally with raid buffs gets you just into 30k.

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