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Thread: Concerning spec, DR, and gear...

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    Concerning spec, DR, and gear...

    I've seen do much math on the subject of DR it's making my eyes bleed and leaving me with the wish to go back to school. However...

    Seems the point is the more of a avoidance stat we get from gear, the less value it ultimately has. If that is true, would it be best to not talent in as much of our avoidance abilities, thus actually gaining more from our gear?

    I'll leave it to the math enthusiasts out there, kudos to you and what you can figure out.

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    DR does not affect avoidance from talents. Also, DR doesn't make getting more avoidance worse. It simply makes avoidance scale close to linearly.

    Think of it like armor. Although you get less "damage reduction" from each point of armor, it's still just as useful to get more armor.
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