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Thread: Question to Healers

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    Question to Healers

    I've been getting my butt into heroics lately, and one thing that has shocked me is the amount of damage getting tossed around. Even considering increased hp pools, I cringe when imagining myself at the healing end (I do have a healing druid I intend to level) of that ton of damage. As a tank, sometimes I feel like I'm just hanging on and hoping that somehow the heal lands, with Shield Block and trinkets active, Last Stand and Shield Wall blown.

    My questions to healers are these:

    What do you feel has changed from BC to Wrath healing? Are those positive changes?

    Would you consider Wrath healing to be more or less stressful than BC?
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    From my own perspective, it seems the biggest difference (as a holy priest) for me is that I don't have infinite mana now.
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    I agree with the mana issue. Mana has made fights interesting again. 10 man Sapph completely altered the game for me. As a holy priest I had to stop using CoH and GHeal due to mana. Once I started relying on Prayer of Mending bounces and watching for the Surge of Light procs off the ProM, mana was not a problem and we did just fine. Had to rethink my habbits and that is a great thing.

    As for heroics, I find that healing is fine as long as everyone does their job. When the tank moves out of pound and the dps kills the vemon spitters 1st, Arub'arak is no problem. When that doesn't happen, healing is a pain. Same is true for everything.

    I will say that healing for the achievements can be draining. The Gundrak achievement where everyone must get impaled is horrible for a healer. But that's what makes it interesting.

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    I'd concur with the issue of mana. I'm not nearly as mana efficient anymore as a holy paladin due to the lack of downranking, plus I haven't been stacking nearly as much mana per 5 as I used to because I'm growing to love spell crit and spell haste more.

    I have tended to notice that people in heroics do take more damage; at the same time, though, it's hard to say whether it's due to the actual mechanics of the heroic itself or due to the peoples' expectations when they enter said heroic. I've seen dps and even tanks enter heroic instances in WoLK being somewhat undergeared... some of them still in greens or with gear inappropriate for their class (I once left a heroic run because the pally tank was in almost all pre-WoLK tanking gear and had on a healing helm from ZA that he had gemmed for + to defense, and a spell power sword). I think people expect to go to heroics expecting it to be noobsauce, and so they do foolish things like take on aggro on a mob a tank isn't immediately tanking, or allow a mob to beat on a healer. So while healing may be a bit more stressful; a lot of that is probably due more to inexperience than with the actual difficulty of the material.

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    It's just what diffeence you are looking for.

    I can still remember going into unnerfed Heroic Ramparts on my shaman where we would need at least 2 crowdcontrol and I had to chaincast my biggest heals on the tank just to get through the trash.

    We are only just in the new expan sion and not nearly were we can be with our characters.

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    My two mains are a L80 Prot Warrior (40 days/played and a L27and rising Priest (healer since deadmines) with 170 days /played.

    Healing in WotLK is either boring or frantic, of the two I prefer frantic but........

    The main difference is the style, you are never OOM these days (no L80 raid experiance yet but really don't expect to be) but there is damage all over the place and the heals have been reduced, the good old GH used to hit for 70% of a tank's health, these days it hits for about 25%. Also the job has been dreadfully downskilled, mistakes such as overhealing are now actually compensated for if not actually rewarded by talents.

    I switched my main from healer to tank because I was disgusted by the way priests worked out in WotLK, not a sense of outrage, more a sense of 'Is that the best you can offer'.

    My group selection these days is simple; if guildies need a healer I tell them to keep lookign and if htey don't have one in 10 minutes I'll come (BTW, if they aren't actually looking I take a few scalps then refuse).
    For groups I have a simple rule, if they look like they know what they're doing I decline. I much prefer new players or badly geared groups because the fun element is there.
    TBH I'd rather be tanking though.

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    The biggest change for me was the trash. With boss encounters there's not much new, some are great, some are fun, some are easy, some are hard. But there's so much less trash. And CC is not really required.

    As a healer I don't really like this change. You'll only have to care about the tank and some aoe damage. But CC gone and marking gone. Just let the tank charge in and aoe tank the pack.
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    I'd say one of the biggest challenges of healing the new Heroics is, indeed, the sudden sharp increase that the mobs get, and some of the bosses are extremely taxing, if not impossible, to parties fresh out of Pinnacle, Oculus and Old Stratholme.

    For instance, in regular Drak'tharon Keep, the first boss, Trollgore, hits okay, but is really a pansy. I don't think any of our party took much in the way of noticable damage from anything, such as Consume or Explosion. In Heroic... I've yet to clear that place x.x and I'm clearing Naxx Spider Wing and Patchy. Those Consumes are hitting for unstoppable 10-11k damage on the party at a time where my heals gotta be on the tank due to increased boss output in melee.

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    If you are having a problem on that boss it has to be your DPS, or the group you are with doesn't have enough HP. How long is the fight taking? That boss is pretty easy. Usually my party is almost all plate wearers so I am not sure if that makes a difference.

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    I usually have the lowest HP at 18-19K. We just take the hits and I heal through it.

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    Mana very very quickly becomes a non issue again...at least for holy paladins though I have seen it becoming true for the other classes as well.

    Druids and priests hold on to the spirit > all for a long time but once they see the light and mix a little int into their gear mana issues begin to go out the door. Replenishment is very strong and int also increases the effectiveness of spirit.

    Blizzard is going to have to nerf regen or accept that mana is not a limiting factor again. I can not think of any encounter in the game at the moment where healer mana was even close to an issue except maybe for our first patchwerk kill...but even that was a joke by the second kill.

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    I think that as a resto druid healing is more stressful, but also more fun. Tank and dps health drops very quickly, sometimes at random, from many different mobs now, not just bosses. One thing I did notice is although I struggled with healing heroics a bit once I hit 80, now that I have around +1800 spellpower it is amazing how easily health rises with just a few HoT's. Most (if not all) of my HoT's hit for 1k+ per tick, with three of those and the swiftmend/regrowth glyphs I find if easy to keep up with even patchwork's damage output. I think the changes are great.

    An another note, instances seem to go very quickly in wrath, CC is all but unnecessary now, and I'm seeing dps numbers over 2k often. Even my room mate with a prot warrior does over 1k now.

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    A healer? On a tanking website? Really?.. Yup, that's me. Never had a tank, don't know much about how to use one. I do however know how to heal.
    Here is the basic change I see for healing in WoTLK.
    Every fight is more dynamic. Everyone, including the tank, has to be ready to adjust to changes in the environment. This means a healer can't just stand in one place and spam off heals. Also, this means that a healer is probably not a viable means of CC, and here is why. Every CC method uses spell hit checks to determine if it's going to break early or not. Most healing gear (at least for priests) has 0 hit rating and therefore most CC is going to fail or break to begin with. If you want CC from a priest, your going to have to find a shadow priest for that. The other thing is Mind Control effectively takes the healer out of a fight. In 10 man Naxx, just having a healer out for a few seconds is going to be painful even if everyone survives, because now the healer has to work extra hard to bring raid health back up. Mana regen is number one priority because of massive amounts of damage. In some cases spamming greater heal and massive overhealing is the only way a tank is going to stay up for the whole fight.. yes, our tanks are def capped, or ap capped, or capped at whatever stat they need, and armor and health is more than adequate, or at least that's what I've been told. Now granted, like I said, I know little to nothing about actually tanking but hey, this is my 2coppers. I will say that it's sometimes helpful when I can shield a tank, even if the shield only lasts for a single hit. I try not to do this to warrior or druid tanks as they look too sissy with a bubble around them and the evil they are attacking laughs at them and might decide to come eat me instead. Gone are the days of attempting to manage your spells to conserve mana, now it's all about making sure you have plenty. So, I stack intel, mp5, and spirit like crazy. Attempt to judge the damage a tank is taking, and fear not the overheal as sometimes when the spell lands it's no longer overheal.
    I have, in the past, found it amazingly, super, heroically, helpful, to have the tank and a healer talk about the fight when it's over. How much damage where you taking, is there a type of heal that works better for you, what about when x did x.. etc... Unfortunately most people just wanna rush through and get it done with no care for actually enjoying the scenery, or the pretty trees or HEY.. AGGRO.. that dam plant is...
    oh look.. a dead healer.
    there goes the tank
    think dps can pull off the kill
    did you use windex?
    that explaines the mess.
    What happened.
    Healer grabbed aggro and tried to tank.
    Thus the reason why it's very important to make sure healers dont make the evil mad at them and why tanks have to make sure everything is very angry with them.
    Now I'm rambling.
    Hope this helps.

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    Side note: Priests should always look to build a +hit set so that they can reach a minimum of 6% Hit. In the Military Quarter of Naxx-25, Raz requires at least 2 priests that are able to Mind Control*. If there aren't any Shadow Priests in the party, it might come down to you.

    *There are other strategies out there, but the commonly practiced approach requires MC.
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    You don't need a spec for that hit, some greens with hit should be ok.
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    From my perspective (Holy Priest) the damage you are taking is not so much that it's more then in BC but that it is all at once. Which in BC would get you dead very fast if you weren't already all purple.

    Everyone was so geared by right before LK came out that we were walking through Heroics. And that aproach has largely continued. No CC anywhere to be seen. Do you need it? No. Does it help? Hell yes. The Heroics I have run where we CC at least MOB on the 4-5 pulls go faster then just rushing head long thru it. Less time your healer needs to drink. Less time resing the DK that doesnt know what Omen is.

    Of course today I healed a Tankadin that had hit 80 2hrs earlier thru H-UK. I had to drink a lot but I never was OOM before everyone hit the floor.

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    I know this is an old thread but but itought I would at my 2 cents worth. My main is a tank and my alt is a Resto Shaman and I can definitely say that Tanks do not care about CC (seems to be an ego thing) but healers would love some CC thrown into the mix. The game has gotten so easy for Geared and Skilled but not everyone has the skill part down. Sloppy pulls no marks and no CC. Now alot of heroics are being run by alts that are not geared to the teeth and its getting a bit rough. Thank you that is all.

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