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Thread: Prot Warrior Enchants

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    Prot Warrior Enchants

    Just wondering if a list of the best enchants for each slot had been compiled yet? I know for the helm I need to get Revered with Argent Dawn, Titanweave for the Cloak and the defense enchant for the Shield. Just wondering about the other gear. Wow-loot use to show some of the top enchants for each slot, but I don't see that in their WOTLK stuff yet. Thanks for any help I receive.

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    Cider's list has a good listing of some of the enchants.

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    Has anyone started comparing the results from 1h weapon enchants from Wrath (really only Superior Potency jumps out or Accuracy) vs. the old tank standby of Mongoose or even Potency (BC version +20 str) with benefitting AP and block?

    Curious if anyone has any insight before I start burning mats on experimenting myself.

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