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Thread: Completely noob question

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    Completely noob question. Taunt and Mocking blow

    So i play warrior tank PVE. Can anybody explain me the difference between in simple words

    1)taunt and mocking blow
    2)taunt and moicking blow + Glyph of Barbaric Insults.

    *1) taunt (Taunts the target to attack you, but has no effect if the target is already attacking you.)
    2) mocking blow (A mocking attack that causes weapon damage, a moderate amount of threat and forces the target to focus attacks on you for 6 sec.)
    3) Use:Glyph of Barbaric Insults.( Your Mocking Blow ability also taunts the target.)

    and what does it mean "also taunts the target". the target is already attacking = does nothing or it does tount 6+3 secs = 9 secs taunt

    Thanks in advance
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    Imagine that you have 10,000 threat on a single enemy. Now your mage buddy gets a lucky string of crits and hits the enemy really really hard, and now has 30,000 threat.

    If you use taunt in this situation, the enemy is forced to attack you, and you now also have 30,000 threat on that enemy. This ensures that the enemy continues attacking you after they are no longer forced to hit you, unless your mage buddy were to continue generating threat faster than you are.

    If you use mocking blow, the enemy is forced to attack you, but you still only have 10,000 threat, and once mocking blow has worn off, the enemy will go back to attacking your mage buddy.

    If you use mocking blow with the barbaric insults glyph, then the enemy is forced to attack you, AND you now have 30,000 threat on that enemy.
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    ok imagine situation tank and healer

    The tank is at 50%, auto attack is turned off for that mob, the healer tops the tank and gathers 100 agro, the tank taunt the mob and the mob start attack the tank. What will happen after 3 secs will the mob go back to the healer or the mob will stay at the tank?

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    what happens if i shield slam his face after the taunt ? followed by a shockwave and cleave his knees off ?

    i always found that to be a good aggro focus gainer.

    i barely use mocking blow unless taunt is on cd.

    i used to use it when OT but rarely..
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    Taunt puts you on top of the threat list.

    Mocking Blow without the glyph puts you on top of the threat list for 6 seconds, if you have not overcome the threat of the person that was above you in the threat list before you used mocking blow by then your target will go back to that person.

    Mocking Blow with the glyph works just like taunt. It could be considered a 2nd taunt if the 1st one misses, I guess.

    /edit: What I said was probably wrong, not wrong but not very accurate I guess.

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