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Thread: Jewelcrafting Only Gems

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    Jewelcrafting Only Gems

    While I am still at odds with what the best gems to stack are, (stam, def, str, mitigation, etc.) the big question I am facing now is what are the best 3 special gems to use as a warrior JC. JC's are allowed 3 special gems divided in any way among the gear they wear at 1 time. My dps set is simple being hit or str depending what i will be lacking but my tank gear is a little harder to decide. We have lots of options to pick from but the ones I am passing between the most is:

    (+41stam) Total health = 1230
    (+27str) 81str = block value and 162 ap
    (+27def rating) 81def rating = 16.47 def

    and as a distant choice:
    (+27 parry) 81parry = 1.65%
    (+27 dodge) 81 dodge = 2.07%

    Now I am in the mindset that the total stam or total def would be my best options and stacking 3 of a certain gem will make it easier to choose my normal gems and enchants for my boss/trash tanking sets. Just wondering how you all feel about the different options and the benefits of these gems.

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    Put a Stamina gem in a red or yellow slot in order to get the slot bonus ^.~

    That's the correct way to use them on a tank. Yes, you can use 3 Solid Dragon's Eyes, and yes, they match sockets, even if it isn't Blue. Beyond that, I recommend matching all your other slots to get slot bonuses if the slot bonus is a tanking stat, otherwise, using Solid Sky Sapphires...

    I personally would recommend (As this is how I'm going to gem my gears)...

    Yellow Slot: Enduring Forest Emerald (Stamina/Defense)
    Blue Slot: Solid Sky Sapphire (Stamina)
    3 Red Slots: Solid Dragon's Eyes (Stamina)
    Red Slot: Sovereign Twilight Opals (Stamina/Strength)
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    Ya as a JC/BS i get 3 gems and 3 prismatic slots that I can put anything in regardless of socket bonus (which all seem decent enough to get in WotLK unlike BC which is skipped for all stam since they were so bad).

    I am more or less leaning to the stam since that is a nice chunk of health but the +def adds avoidance across the board and sometimes I find it better to have.

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    I levelled up JC just for the 3 stam gems and the Monarch Crab trinket and do not regret it one bit. I only wish I had more gear that I wasn't going to potentially replace in the near future so I could put the Prismatics into that instead of the blue slots on my trinket and gun.

    Still don't see much of a point for defense beyond the 540 cap unless you start eating really really bad diminishing returns on your other avoidances. Keep in mind that Gems should also be your last priority for defense. The enchants for bracers, chest, and shield are all more efficient vs their stamina counterparts than defense gems vs stamina gems.

    Expertise is also something to consider depending on what gear you end up with.

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