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Thread: please suggest anything!

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    please suggest anything!

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    just hit 80 have naxx on tuesday >.< im not def capped and obviously am lacking in some things. Please list any upgrades that are quick ta get. My first desire is to get uncritable then work on the rest.

    All that being said you should know that I'm normally an EH tank and that after buying my epic flying mount I have roughly 200g so bought items are mostlikely out for now.

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    The absolute first thing I would suggest it to swap your head and leg gems to pure +Defense. If you do not have an eternal belt buckle already, equip one and put a +defense gem there as well. Belt buckles are used to skill up blacksmithing and you should find one pretty cheap on AH.

    I dont know how many [item]Emblem of heroism[/item] you have but already at 35 emblems you can buy [item]Crygil's discarded plate panel[/item] which you could enchant with +20 defense. If you have more of these Emblems there are quite a few goodies to get.

    This should take care of the 540 defense level.

    For the rest;

    Neck; slap in a +18 stamina gem instead. You should still be good on defense.
    Hands; Get a Heavy Borean armor kit for +18 Stamina.
    Girdle; +18 or +24 stamina gem instead of +12
    Legs: +18 or +24 stamina gem.
    Feet: 2x24 stamina gems and a +22 stamina enchant. (gain 39 stamina)

    I know this may seem like a tall order and is over your 200 gold budget, but if you run the dailys and hit the heroics heavily (Tighten the belt, suck it up and hit a huge load of heroics with a good group.) you should be able to afford this just by item drops and daily cash. In all likelyhood you will also find a few upgrades. This is also a time where you can ask your guild/raid community to help you out and support.

    Something that strikes me is that you choose your gems looking at what gems are giving you the socket bonus. Socket bonuses are always secondary if the gem placed can give you a better bonus total. (i.e. a (+5 dodge/+6 stamina gem) w/ (socket bonus +4 stamina) is not worth it if you can just a well put a +24 stamina gem in there.) (It is not worth it since the diminishing returns means that the +5 dodge value will amount to near nothing.)

    I would also suggest that you pick up a secondary profession. if you have no preferances; Mining will give you a solid HP boost.
    Overall you have not spent the time to "be all that you can be" on your current gear. The best thing you can do is to plan ahead, see what armor patches and/or enchants you need and collect the items for it.
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    Thank you, all great suggestions.
    as far as gemming goes I was holding off on buying real gems untill I knew what I needed for sure, ie could i get to 540 without geming for def. The gems you see are leftover "epic" instance crap gems from my bank.

    Have not yet done any heroics as I just dinged to 80 around the time of posting. but will be hitting them hard and heavy soon.

    Again thank you for the suggestions, anyone have any gear help for me?

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