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Thread: Naxxramas Anub'rekhan

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    On our second excursion, we downed the mob (and went on to clear the wing).

    Rather than mess with kiting, we just healed through it. Was much easier that way. We went with 2 priests and 1 resto shaman for heals. Warrior MT and OT. Remaining raid was DPS (melee DPS moved to group during swarming and changed to ranged DPS).

    Priests concentrated on MT (rotating until one was LOM, then switching so the other could recover mana) during swarming. Shaman kept earth shield and riptide on MT and healed OT.

    We clustered everyone on the left side (facing the mob) so they would be in range of chain and group heals. OT pulled the adds into the group cluster and we burned them down.

    Worked like a charm on normal difficulty, although we did wipe once or twice. The key was keeping the MT in heal range while not getting the healers in the swarm (I think that's why it took more than one try -- one of the healers snuck in too close by accident).

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    damage text scroll

    does anyone know how to get the damage and healing scroll around you instead of above you? is it an addon or is it in your UI? im a tank and it gets really annoying when you cant see lol. if you can email me back at rma013@comcast.net with some answers that would be really appreciated. thanks and cider. your awesome dude!

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    Kiting is an old school naxx 40 strategy. It is no longer necessary in 25 man content. Guilds even heroic gear can pull off the no kite strategy in 10 or 25 man as long as healers maintain their distance during the swarm. Tanks in blues should probably take extra care to pop their cooldowns at appropriate times to help their healers out.

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    Hey, this is a really nice video. This is really great for players that haven't stepped into naxx yet to see the boss fights. In the video Cider says to post to your guild forums.... well, how do i do that exactly? Sorry for the noob question, but i have just made a guild website, and ive opened up a forum to link all these great videos. Problem is... i dont know how too, so, can anyone tell me real quick.... but, besides that...

    Great video! I cant wait to watch the newest videos once the patch comes out. Thanks!

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